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How to become our affiliate partner?

To join, complete this form and make careful note of your identification and password. Place one of our banners or a text link in a prominant place on the home page of your website. Our automated tracking system tracks all new customers that come from your website and credits your account for any purchases they make. You can monitor your commissions by logging on to our affiliate page with your identification and password.

How much do I earn?

We pay generously, 10% of the purchase value when a customer you've referred purchases an email address or rents one of our domain name.

Our email addresses makes an ideal gift purchase for birthday, christmas, special achievement, promotion, graduation, or any other occassion. There is nothing to pack or post, anyone can purchase a new email address from any where, either for themselves or for a relative or a friend in another part of the world. There are no barriers. Our email addresses are ideal for personal or proffessional and bussiness use. Don't forget, our generic added value, catchy, category domain names can easily and quickly help establish memorable web presence for your visitors.

This makes our affiliate programme very lucrative and rewarding with no investment on your part.

To link back to Shops1st right click on the banner of your choice and save it as "present3.gif".
Copy and paste the code shown below on your home or index page and replace 123id with your own identification and replace with your full web address and the folder into which you have saved present3.gif This will track any commission to your affiliate account.
<CENTER> <A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="" width=468 height=60 border=0 ALT="Special offer from"></A> </CENTER>


Our affiliate scheme is free. You may join or leave our affiliate scheme at any time.

Affiliates will be provided with banners and text links to place on as many pages of their website as they like. The banners and links uniquely identifies each affiliate and credits their account with any commissions due.

Commission is due when a customer visits our site via your unique banner or text link and places an order for an email address or for rental of one of our domain names or any other products and services. Commission payments are made when a minimum of £30 sterling or more is earned. Commissions are made to valid postal address provided by the affiliate.

This agreement between us and you the affiliate does not constitute any form of partnerships, joint ventures, sales agencies, employment, or franchise and accordingly you are not authorised to make any statements or representations on our behalf that is in contradiction with this agreement.

Affiliates agrees to indemnify, defend, save, and hold the owners and PSM Products Ltd. its directors, employees, owners and registrants of domain names and any other individuals in the provision of our services and products harmless from any claims or demands, including legal fees made by any third party due to or arising out of your use of our affiliate program.

PSM Products Ltd. provides a service without any warranty what so ever, expressed or implied. PSM Products Ltd. its directors, employees, owners and registrants of domain names internet hosts, personnel of the internet service providers, or anyone else connected with the provision of the service will not be liabel for any direct, indirect, consequential or special losses or damages by the use of the services to any affiliates or any other third party associated with the affiliate, arising out of and not limited to: interruptions, delays, omissions, mistakes, negligence, viruses, file deletions, defects, errors, performance failures, thefts, destruction, loss of records, or anything else whether or not limited by acts of God.

Affiliate agrees not to engage in spamming, fraudulent or any other illegal activities and that the terms will exclusively be governed in accordance with English Laws and jurisdiction of English Courts.

Any notices served to the affiliate by email will be deemed to have been received 24 hours after their transmission.

The above terms may be modified at any time without prior notice and are deemed to have been read and understood by the renter/s or their agent/s.




Terms and Conditions for Personalised Email Addresses

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