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Prestigious, memorable generic domain names for rent or lease.

With our generic added value, catchy, category domain names you can easily and quickly establish memorable web presence.

Why should you rent one of our domain names?

It's simple, everyone remembers the 1st and the category of the product or information they wish to find for example,

You may wish to supplement your existing website for advertising and marketing purpose. Many successful businesses utilise more than one web address to target additional traffic.

Perhaps your current web address is too long, difficult to spell, difficult to remember, or your web address is based on your current business name which does not relate to your products and services or you wish to establish a web presence in the UK with an appropriate UK web address.

For business startups, our domain names are ideal since good, easy to remember, generic domain names has long been taken.

Renting one of our domain addresses couldn't be any easier - at a cost of less than £1 a day they are highly affordable. Just select the name you wish to rent and proceed to the shopping cart, print, sign and fax back the agreement and the domain name will be pointed to your named servers.

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